Personal Blog and Wall for musings

Photo Credit: Wesley GOI

Personal Blog and Wall for musings

Hello, I am Wesley Goi. I am currently finishing up with my PhD at the National Univeristy of Singapore (NUS) under research instutite called SCELSE which stands for Singapore Center for Life Science Engineering.

My research interests are in the analysis of Biological data (DNA sequencing) obtained from sampling microbial communities of environmental samples, together is termed Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics. This includes data warehousing and integration using SQL and noSQL databases and building processing pipelines.

In my free time I am the CTO cofounder of fundMyLife Private Limited (UEN 201700459H), a Singapore company which acts as an online Questions and Answer portal for asking financial planning related questions the (web developer and data scientist NLP data)

What this site is about

  • A virtual archive for writing about my research and experiences in the startup sphere, sharpening my writing skills and place to put down my rants
  • You’ll find code examples to running the various softwares which I’ve written.

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