Motivated Individual with keen interest in applied machine learning and data wrangling. I am not afraid of data janitorial work. Experience with end to end data product development and maintenance. Experience in translating academic research into production. VIM user and mechanical keyboard enthusiast.


Senior Data Scientist

2020-12 - Present
Grabtaxi Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Working service type recommendation for cross sell and contextual messaging

Data Science Manager

2020-02 - 2020-10
AirAsia Berhad (Singapore Branch)

Worked closely with Revenue Management's Ancillary line of business to oversee the creation of datamarts, dashboards and building data products such as dynamic pricing of baggage, seats and food items. Managing team of 5: 1 Data Analytst and 4 Data Scientists

  • Dynamic Pricing, perishable inventory based on departure date, using trip, flight and passenger attributes
  • Price Elasticity Experimentation at route origin-destination level. Taught business analysts how to use dashboards to inform pricing decisions
  • Personalisation (Take-Up Rate Models) and deployment of FastAPI based proxy on GCP CI-CD on GAE and featurestore using FireStore
  • Cost reduction: Inflight perishable inventory, ie. hot food and help with demand planning.

Senior Data Scientist

2019-07 - 2020-02
AirAsia Berhad (Singapore Branch)

Set up interface for production and test environments to use data science models

  • Set up rulesets / ML guided predictors within Pricing Engine (Ancillary Pricing Optimization APO) for Seats / Meals / Baggage
  • Set up Price Exploration Dashboards
  • Factor Based ML Models
  • A | B testing using Navitaire’s Analytics Module
  • Demand Planning (F&B: Fresh and Perishable goods)
  • Propensity Model for EDMs and Recommendation Engine

Data Scientist

2018-04 - 2019-05
Honestbee, Singapore

Specialized in E-commerce (Groceries and Food Delivery) personalisation

  • Recommendations engine model development, using (i) collaborative filtering (He. et al), (i) associations rule mining and combination DNN using embedding based features with linear regression, wide and deep.
  • Set up recommendations service using Flask API, OpenAPI, pytest, Bug tracking (bugsnag)
  • APM and Tracing (Datadog) and A|B testing framework PlanOut (from facebook)
  • CI/CD Deployment to K8S cluster (AWS), responsible to writing and maintaining helm charts and terraform for machine learning projects based on sklearn, heuristic models, and deep learning models using tensorflow serving

Tech Co-Founder

2017 - 2018
fundMyLife, Singapore

Acted as CTO and Co-founder for company. Acquired in 2019 by (Number 2 largest financial literacy site in Singapore)

  • FE and BE web development (node.js ES6), µservice API (Python)
  • REST APIs integration with business partners eg.


Below is list of my past Publications


Below is list of my past Projects

Predicting Mortality: Tidal Volume - Mortality Prediction using EMR and log data from respirators during in-patient stay (Tidal Volume)
Best Paper - Presented at The International Conference on Bioinformatics 2013 (Taicang, Best Paper Award)

Skills & Proficiency



Data Visualisation & Dashboarding

SQL (BigQuery / Presto / SparkSQL / RedShift)

Modelling (DNN/Tree/GLM)

Microservice & Kubernetes

Observability (Datadog / Stackdriver)