My First post

Image credit: Wesley GOI

My First post

So lets kick it off with some obligatory self introduction. Being a PhD Candidate here in NUS, Singapore (Computational Biology / Metagenomics), I encounter some pretty nifty data analyses which I would love to share.

In particular the latest statistical / machine learning methods and the code required for the voodoo to happen.

This here, fulfills both roles as a platform for sharing my ideas and thoughts (analyses and technical), and my recent forray into the startup scene here in Singapore.

Being the tech co-founder of fundMylife, a Insurtech company, it has opened my eyes to the many facets of doing a (tech) business. Besides the basics of software development, there’s so much more now open to me: marketing, growth hacking and bizDev.

Back to the introductory post, I’m guessing I’ll first blog about my research analyses before going into related to startups.

The coming posts, 2 in fact, *grins* will be analyzing the gut microbiomes of three groups of mice – two fed on two diets and one which had their diets changed from one to the other. Code will of course be published together.

See ya folks!

Looking forward to posting the analyses.

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